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Retail Insurance

Retail Insurance

Whatever size of company you run, it is essential that you protect your business with the most comprehensive insurance to give you complete peace of mind. This will allow you to concentrate on what you do best - working with customers and developing your own business.

At Backhouse we have the expertise to understand the different requirements of all types of business trades and can therefore create an insurance policy specifically tailored to your needs.

Individual policies can be arranged on a stand-alone basis separately for each class of business, or can be arranged on a package basis under one main policy.

Wholesale Insurance

At Backhouse we understand that running a wholesale business presents a number of challenges. With over 50 years experience we know business insurance inside out and understand that you may be looking to only insure certain parts of your business. With a desire to understand your needs we take pride in arranging policies specifically tailored to your needs, if you have a legal requirement for certain cover we will tell you.

No matter the risk we at Backhouse have the experience, knowledge and ability to exceed your expectations. Why not put us to the test?

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7:36 am (16 minutes ago)
Eight renewable energy projects, expected to support 8,500 jobs, are given the green light by the government.
Yesterday 11:51 pm (8 hours ago)
Britain's top companies have been warned to exercise caution on executive pay by Vince Cable as they prepare to set next year's awards.
Yesterday 7:47 pm (12 hours ago)
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is fined HK$6m (£460,000) by Hong Kong regulators for failing to detect a series of unauthorised transactions by one of its traders.
6:56 am (55 minutes ago)
General Motors asks a US court to bar some lawsuits relating to its recall over faulty ignition switches.
1:57 am (6 hours ago)
Yum Brands, the owner of fast food chains KFC and Pizza Hut, reports an 18% jump in first quarter profit, helped by a rebound in sales in China.
Yesterday 8:02 pm (12 hours ago)
Gordon Brown says Scottish pensioners are "better protected" in UK, comments the SNP describes as "ludicrous".
12:36 am (7 hours ago)
Tensions emerge ahead of a meeting being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to discuss changes to the way the internet is governed.
Yesterday 4:46 pm (15 hours ago)
Ministers want to give energy firms the right to run shale gas pipes under private land to kick-start fracking.
Yesterday 3:38 pm (16 hours ago)
Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), two of the world's leading drugmakers, strike a multi-billion-dollar deal to join forces and reshape their businesses.
Yesterday 6:54 pm (13 hours ago)
Six more organisations announce they are leaving the CBI business lobby group over its stance in the Scottish independence debate.
Yesterday 9:14 am (23 hours ago)
A major report into the near collapse of the Co-operative Bank will say poor oversight of the organisation sowed the seeds of its troubles.
Yesterday 2:40 pm (17 hours ago)
McDonald's reports a fall in profit for the first three months of the year after sales in its US restaurants fell by more than expected.
Yesterday 9:52 am (22 hours ago)
China's Shandong Airlines says it has placed an order for 50 Boeing 737 aircraft, worth $4.6bn (£2.7bn) at list prices.
Yesterday 12:36 pm (19 hours ago)
Small print on some car insurance policies has a higher word count than George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, a consumer website has found.
Yesterday 7:58 am (24 hours ago)
Facebook's highest-ranked woman says women need to take action to create a more equal world.
Monday, 8:05 am
Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000lb (43,545kg) of its Oscar Mayer hot dogs in the US because they may have been sold in the wrong packaging.
Yesterday, 12:14 am
"Lethal" chainsaws and dangerous toy dolls were among more than a million unsafe goods that have been seized at the UK's ports and borders.
Saturday, April 19th, 8:50 am
Taxpayers' personal financial data could be shared with private firms and researchers, Revenue & Customs says, despite concerns over privacy and security.
Thursday, April 17th, 11:05 am
The "resilient" UK housing market recorded another increase in mortgage lending in March, according to a lenders' group.
Yesterday, 6:21 am
Three Scottish universities become the latest organisations to quit the CBI over its stance in the Scottish independence referendum debate.
Yesterday 10:45 am (21 hours ago)
After talks with the trade unions, Bolivia's President, Evo Morales agrees to raise the minimum wage of private and public sector workers by 20%.
Monday, 12:17 pm
Russia's President Putin presents a draft law to create a gambling zone in Crimea, now that the Kremlin has made it part of Russia.
Yesterday 8:50 am (23 hours ago)
The BBC's Jane O'Brien profiles US-Somali investor Mohamed Ali, who returns to his African homeland to help businesses to grow and prosper.
Sunday, April 20th, 1:13 am
Some of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs talk to the BBC about how to succeed - and share some of their biggest mistakes.
Thursday, April 17th, 12:02 am
As a new type of cycle courier firm takes to the roads in Bangalore, the BBC's Sameer Hashmi looks at the challenges faced by Indian start-up companies.
Yesterday 1:29 pm (18 hours ago)
Peter Dawson is to step down as chief executive of the R&A, golf's governing body, in September 2015.
Thursday, April 17th, 3:58 am
The Jockey Club, the organisation behind the UK's leading horseracing events, reports record profits for last year of £22m.
Wednesday, April 16th, 9:57 am
Premier League players at Manchester City are the best paid in global sport, according to a new study.
12:03 am (8 hours ago)
The old technology bringing your bank branch to you
12:12 am (8 hours ago)
Are investors calling time on tech stocks?
Yesterday 3:28 pm (16 hours ago)
How David Moyes dented Man Utd's balance sheet
12:19 am (8 hours ago)
Enter the world of the super tutor
Yesterday 8:07 pm (12 hours ago)
Key points at stake with the world's biggest free trade deal
Yesterday, 12:33 am
Making work about more than just a salary
Yesterday, 12:19 am
The wind energy sector blowing hot and cold
Yesterday, 12:13 am
What 2014 looked like 50 years ago
Yesterday, 12:24 am
Guarding against bugs, hackers and natural disasters
Yesterday 1:51 pm (18 hours ago)
Obama, Abe and a high-stakes trade deal


New UK Legislation enabling the HSE to charge a Fee for Intervention (FFI)

What is FFI? 

Increased squatters risk in commercial properties
From 1st September squatting in residential buildings in England and Wales became a criminal offence


At present we are all seeing many articles and commentaries in the press and TV regarding the price of gold, silver and diamonds on a seemingly upward trend in cost.This is very true as you can see from the attached graph showing gold and silver over a two year period.


The cost of heating oil has increased significantly recently, resulting in more thefts of oil from both domestic and commercial properties.

The first indication that a theft has taken place is often when the heating stops working.


Rate reductions are still possible for clients for property and liability insurance.  Abundant capacity and competition between Insurers are preventing increases, other than where there has been poor claims experience on individual accounts or within specific sectors.


The first Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution has been successful in the United Kingdom.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your Managers, Directors, Officers as well as the Company have cover in place to protect them.


From 2011 if your vehicle is not registered on the MID and has not been declared as 'Off-Road' you will receive a letter warning you that you could face a fine, prosecution as well as your vehicle being clamped, seized or ultimately destroyed.


With effect from 1st April 2011 the Employers' liability Tracing Office (ELTO) will be introduced.

The purpose of the ELTO is to assist the insurance industry in meeting its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

We have since 2008 used Backhouse to place all our insurance risks, their unique approach to our tender process was one of the major factors behind placing our trust in Backhouse. They took the trouble to research our business carefully and brought to our attention areas of cover that had never been considered before.

We find Backhouse both conscientious, professional and great value for money delivering a first class claims service.

Paul Reyner, Fagan and Whalley