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Contruction Insurance

Construction Insurance

Backhouse have been specialist brokers to the construction industry for over 50 years. We have built a specialism in the sector to meet our client's requirements in the areas of cover, risk management, claims and service.

Our portfolio of construction clients is wide ranging, from privately owned to public limited companies, from speculative developers to civil engineers and we act for both main and specialist subcontractors.

Our specialist claims operation provides an unrivalled service.

With our expertise within the construction sector, we are able to provide covers tailor made to meet our clients requirements in both insurance and performance bond areas.

As a specialist insurance broker in the construction sector, we have the expertise and facilities to add real benefit to your business.

For further information please call Jane Beresford on 01282 677776 to discuss your requirements.

8:17 am (30 minutes ago)
Theresa May will use her Brexit speech to say the UK "will not hold on to bits of EU membership".
8:23 am (24 minutes ago)
UK tobacco firm BAT takes control of US rival Reynolds to combine brands including Rothmans and Camel.
Yesterday 6:56 pm (14 hours ago)
The engineering firm agreed to pay the massive penalty to avoid prosecution over dealings overseas
3:18 am (5 hours ago)
About £87,000 compensation for people whose claims were wrongly handled by the US firm.
8:20 am (27 minutes ago)
High Street baker Greggs raises its profit guidance after a "strong" Christmas.
Yesterday 9:17 pm (12 hours ago)
UK households are still spending strongly, but face headwinds this year, warns Bank chief Mark Carney.
Yesterday 5:32 pm (15 hours ago)
UK business leaders are some of the most optimistic in the world, a PwC survey suggests.
Yesterday 12:50 pm (20 hours ago)
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt becomes one of the UK's richest politicians after his company's sale.
6:33 am (2 hours ago)
The factories were allegedly using unapproved ingredients like industrial salt in seasonings.
Yesterday 4:54 pm (16 hours ago)
Better than expected growth since the Brexit vote has improved the UK's economic outlook, says the IMF.
Yesterday 3:54 pm (17 hours ago)
Donald Trump has said he would like a quick trade deal with the UK. Is that possible?
Yesterday 2:19 pm (18 hours ago)
Shares in BMW and VW fall after Donald Trump warns that cars exported from Mexico to the US could face a 35% tax.
Yesterday 10:17 am (23 hours ago)
More than a third of nuisance calls are about accident claims, telecoms group BT says.
Yesterday 3:44 pm (17 hours ago)
The government has lost an employment tribunal case over the way it changed the pension scheme for the UK's judges.
12:05 am (9 hours ago)
"You need to have intuition and maturity," says Christian Dior chief executive Sidney Toledano, as he shares his secrets of success in the fashion industry with the BBC.
12:19 am (8 hours ago)
Kristin Baybars has made and sold toys from her shop for 40 years - and modern toys don't impress her.
Yesterday, 12:55 am
Paul Polman, the head of Unilever, shares the business advice he wishes he had been given when he started out.
Sunday, January 15th, 12:00 am
As the World Economic Forum in Davos prepares to start, BBC News takes a look at the numbers behind it.
Yesterday, 12:46 am
BBC News looks at the prospects for so-called "masala" bonds, which the Indian government has introduced to boost investment.
Yesterday, 12:16 am
How BlaBlaCar created a global transport network with empty car seats.
Yesterday 4:33 pm (16 hours ago)
More companies seem to recognise the commercial opportunities offered by politics.
Sunday, January 15th, 10:36 am
Cameroonian entrepreneur Churchill Nanje explains how he set up job site Njorku, which covers nine African countries.
8:01 am (46 minutes ago)
India set a new record for Google Play downloads in 2016, while demand for iOS software soared in China, a study says.
Yesterday 4:23 pm (16 hours ago)
In order to prevent assaults, Air India says it will reserve a section of seats for women only.
12:14 am (9 hours ago)
Our voices can activate gadgets and authenticate ourselves to banks. But can they tell if we're ill?
12:08 am (9 hours ago)
Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first female creative head at Christian Dior. Sidney Toledano, the boss of the fashion house, tells the BBC why it's time for a change.
Yesterday 1:39 pm (19 hours ago)
The government's messages about Brexit have been consistent, if thin on detail - so why is the pound so jumpy?
Yesterday 6:45 pm (14 hours ago)
How do working fathers manage the work-life balance? You have been telling us how you cope.
Yesterday, 12:16 am
How BlaBlaCar created a global transport network with empty car seats.
Yesterday, 12:46 am
Canadian businessman Serge Godin saw his father's business burn down when he was a teenager. That inspired him to build a company that now turns over C$10bn a year.
Yesterday, 12:54 am
Concrete has a pretty poor reputation, yet this ubiquitous material has largely overlooked benefits.
Yesterday, 12:13 am
Two thousand jobless Finns are being given a basic income instead of welfare.
Friday, January 13th, 10:01 pm
How much do you need to save every month to get a decent pension when you retire?
Sunday, January 15th, 12:10 am
Financial institutions across the UK are gearing up for one of the most far-reaching regulatory changes they have ever faced, writes Rob Young.
Friday, January 13th, 11:29 am
Donald Trump tweets support or disdain for certain companies: but what effect do his comments have?
Friday, January 13th, 12:16 am
Australia's banks have been accused of giving reckless advice, overcharging and a lack of accountability.
Friday, January 13th, 12:09 am
The market for fitness trackers seems to be booming, but are these gadgets actually effective?
Friday, January 13th, 12:03 am
How US job creation tells the story of outgoing US President Barack Obama's economic legacy.
Thursday, January 12th, 1:08 pm
How merry a Christmas was it for the retail sector and where was the festive cheer felt the most?
Thursday, January 12th, 12:23 pm
After years of decline, Marks and Spencer has reported rising clothing sales. Has M&S cracked it?
Thursday, January 12th, 12:37 am
Meet the man who gave up his successful on-pitch career for a money-spinning virtual one.
Thursday, January 12th, 12:01 am
Everyone loves getting something for free, but why do firms continue to give out freebies, what is in it for them, and who do they target?
Tuesday, January 10th, 11:58 pm
New York has launched one of the biggest schemes in the world to abolish tuition fees for students.
Tuesday, January 10th, 11:53 pm
Why we should take a nap to help us stay alert at work, and why managers need to rethink their attitude to staff sleeping in the office.
Wednesday, January 11th, 12:11 am
How will we get to work in the future, and what is being done now to ease congestion in our cities?
Tuesday, January 10th, 12:21 am
Renting a car from neighbours makes environmental and economic sense. Can tech take it mainstream?
Yesterday, 12:12 am
Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of populism have left the world's "liberal elites" reeling. Can Davos, their ideological habitat, survive?
12:02 am (9 hours ago)
Could a club for “girly girls” really help improve female equality in the workplace?
Yesterday, 12:11 am
China's president will attend Davos for the first time, just days before Donald Trump takes office.


An investigation found an explosion resulted from a screw connection to an autoclave locking ring which secured a door to a machine.


New UK Legislation enabling the HSE to charge a Fee for Intervention (FFI)

What is FFI? 

Increased squatters risk in commercial properties
From 1st September squatting in residential buildings in England and Wales became a criminal offence


At present we are all seeing many articles and commentaries in the press and TV regarding the price of gold, silver and diamonds on a seemingly upward trend in cost.This is very true as you can see from the attached graph showing gold and silver over a two year period.


The cost of heating oil has increased significantly recently, resulting in more thefts of oil from both domestic and commercial properties.

The first indication that a theft has taken place is often when the heating stops working.


Rate reductions are still possible for clients for property and liability insurance.  Abundant capacity and competition between Insurers are preventing increases, other than where there has been poor claims experience on individual accounts or within specific sectors.


The first Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution has been successful in the United Kingdom.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your Managers, Directors, Officers as well as the Company have cover in place to protect them.


From 2011 if your vehicle is not registered on the MID and has not been declared as 'Off-Road' you will receive a letter warning you that you could face a fine, prosecution as well as your vehicle being clamped, seized or ultimately destroyed.


With effect from 1st April 2011 the Employers' liability Tracing Office (ELTO) will be introduced.

The purpose of the ELTO is to assist the insurance industry in meeting its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

We have since 2008 used Backhouse to place all our insurance risks, their unique approach to our tender process was one of the major factors behind placing our trust in Backhouse. They took the trouble to research our business carefully and brought to our attention areas of cover that had never been considered before.

We find Backhouse both conscientious, professional and great value for money delivering a first class claims service.

Paul Reyner, Fagan and Whalley